Central AC: Cooling a House with a Sunroom

Furnace & Air Conditioning Installation in Hutchinson North Neighborhood

Finding the right AC for cooling a house with a sunroom

One of the highest sought-after neighborhoods for home buyers in Reno County is the Hutchinson North neighborhood. Hutchinson’s North neighborhood is one of the many communities that TimeSaver Home Services provides home heating, cooling and plumbing services to. Centrally located to just about all the best features Hutch has to offer, it is also home to some of the coziest residential communities in our town.

Fun Fact: The Hutchinson North neighborhood has more people of German ancestry living in it than nearly any other community in the United States! An amazing 34.2% of Hutch North residents have German ancestry.

Among the beauty of this part of Hutchinson are the many opportunities to enjoy nature. Among the Hutchinson North neighborhood amenities include the Hutchinson Countryside Park Path. Just a few blocks southeast of that path is Herman & Helen Bunte Park. And right in the middle of those two nature areas is a Braum’s on N. Main St.

Hutchinson Countryside Park Path

House Shopping in the Hutchinson North Neighborhood

In the middle of this eclectic Hutchinson North Neighborhood is the home that at least one home buyer couldn’t resist. A couple of years ago, Laura was looking for her dream home and found quite the gem. Laura became the lucky new owner of a charming 2-bedroom with tons of features and unique characteristics.

While most homes in this Hutchinson North neighborhood were built in the last few decades of the 20th century, Laura found one of the few homes for sale that was built in the 1950s. Her gorgeous home is typical of other Kansas midcentury homes in many ways. But it showcases some unique features including a standing fireplace, workshop, and wall-to-wall windows in her northeast-facing sunroom.

3.	Hutchinson North neighborhood Whitmore Rd

Time to Upgrade Home Heating & Cooling

Laura’s home had modern amenities including cooling from Central Air and gas heating. However, her new home’s HVAC system was aging. So, after getting settled in to her new home, Laura called on TimeSaver Home Services for new installation of a heating and central air system.

TimeSaver Home Services worked with Laura to schedule installation of a highly efficient system in the spring. This is always a great time for HVAC replacement work. Temperatures were already on the rise Hutchinson residents had been relying upon their air conditioning for several weeks already. But fortunately, well before the hottest summer months hit, Laura would have a modern system. This meant she could rely on more comfortable and efficient cooling just in time.

Cooling a House with a Sunroom

Along with the various factors to consider in getting the right cooling system for a home is whether it has a sunroom. Sunrooms can be amazing rooms to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home. But as many of us know, sunrooms can be a challenge to keep cool!

Depending on its construction, a sunroom can be too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer – or both! You want to make sure a sunroom has as much of the necessary comfort functions as other rooms do, that includes insulated windows and ductwork.

TimeSaver AC repair technicians at Hutch house

When homeowners add on a sunroom after the home is built, they may need ductwork expanded to reach these additions. Also, an added-on sunroom might require upgrading to a larger air conditioning unit.

Or you may want to consider alternative cooling system options just for this room. A ductless mini split system is often a perfect fix for providing the heating and cooling to one space. TimeSaver Home Services is Hutchinson’s professional installers of mini split HVAC units. Call us today at 620-669-9885 to learn more. Or contact us online for a free quote on a mini split installation.

Where the sunroom is original to the home, an AC replacement may not need additional duct work nor extra cooling units.

Outside of getting a quality, efficient air conditioner, there are several steps Laura can take to help keep her beautiful sunroom cool during our hot Hutchinson summers. Installing dark curtains that can be drawn when the room is not in use will dramatically help her home’s HVAC system to keep her sunroom as cool as the rest of her house. Running a ceiling fan is also another great way homeowners can easily help a sunroom stay cool in the summer.

Hutchinson Furnace & AC Installation

No matter where you live in or around Hutchinson, call on the local heating and air team your neighbors have trusted for decades. TimeSaver Home Services provides professional HVAC services by licensed technicians to Hutchinson, McPherson, Nickerson, Buhler, and surrounding towns.

Contact us today to get a FREE ESTIMATE on the new furnace or AC installation you need. You can send us a message online or call us at (620) 669-9885.

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