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"Mr. White"


I was once told a story of a man who had to be admitted to the hospital after getting a large plumbing repair bill in the mail. The names have been changed to protect the victim and we will just call him Mr. White. You see, Mr. White was a trusting soul, he expected the repair company he chose to do him right and be fair, but Mr. White was in for a little surprise and after taking eight hours on a job that should have taken two, Mr. White got a huge repair bill in the mail a few days later that he was expected to pay. Mr. White passed out and had to be taken to the hospital.

Mr. White fully recovered and now uses TimeSaver Home Services for all his plumbing, heating and cooling needs. He was referred by a friend to us and knows that we always give an up-front, fair, Flat Rate price for any and all repairs we do. He knows our technicians are thoroughly trained to evaluate and diagnose plumbing, heating and air conditioning problems and can usually handle them the same day as we carry most parts on our truck.

Our 10 level pricing allows us to give all the options to the customer right then and there meaning there is never going to be any type of questions as to “How much does it cost?” Once the job is complete and to your 100% satisfaction, we will collect upon completion and accept cash or any major credit card. We also have low interest financing options too. No trips to the hospital either.