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Replace or Repair your HVAC Equipment?

If you’re ready to go, simply fill out the form on the bottom of this page and we will be back to you shortly. If you’re not sure about what to do with your HVAC system, read on and we will guide you through the correct decision making process.

Thinking of replacing your HVAC system? We can help. TimeSaver Home Services offers free estimates on new equipment to residents of Hutchinson & McPherson, KS and Surrounding Area. Call the office to set an appointment with one of our expert Comfort Advisers.

Purchasing a new heating and cooling system can be one of the most expensive purchases a homeowner makes. So how do you know when to replace your HVAC equipment? There are a couple factors to consider when deciding whether or not to replace your heating and air conditioning system.

HVAC Replacement Factors

  • Age of the equipment
  • Warranties & Repairs
  • Efficiency
  • Financial incentives, tax credits, and rebates

Manufacturers state that HVAC equipment on average lasts anywhere from 10-25 years. If your system is 10 years old, you might want to start thinking about replacement.

Lemons do exist in the HVAC industry and sometimes you get stuck with one. Therefore, you may be faced with a major repair within the first couple of years. If this occurs knowing your warranty information is important.

An expiring warranty may be a reason to get a free estimate on your HVAC system. Most warranties cover major repairs like heat exchangers and compressors. These repairs can cost thousands of dollars. When faced with an expired warranty and a major repair it may make more financial sense to simply replace the HVAC equipment.

Efficiency is another reason to replace old equipment. With new technology comes higher efficiency and with higher efficiency lower energy bills. Everyone knows that lower energy bills means more savings. In certain situations, the savings you earn on your energy bills might be equal to or more than a finance payment for a new HVAC system. Free upgrade? Why not.

Another factor to consider are the current financial incentives, tax credits, and rebates being offered in the market. Manufacturers often run a variety of rebates throughout the year. Our Comfort Advisors are up to date on manufacturer rebates and will always give you the best deal available. Get a free estimate today.

Tax credits are another incentive up for grabs. Both the federal and state government offer tax credits for new efficient HVAC equipment. Vancouver, WA and Portland residents can learn more about financial incentives, rebates, and tax credits by visiting our rebates page.

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