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Purchasing a Furnace for your Heating System in Hutchinson & McPherson, KS and Surrounding Area

Furnaces are dedicated to supplying heat to the home. In most homes, furnaces play a major role in the heating system. The most common type of furnace in the United States is a natural gas furnace. Other furnaces include include electric furnace, propane furnace, and oil furnace.

Furnaces are usually part of a larger system known as the HVAC system. HVAC systems include heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The furnace is made up of three major parts: the burner, the blower, and the controls & safety devices.

Guidelines for Purchasing a Furnace
When purchasing a new furnace, there are three main features that will affect both price and performance: efficiency, the gas valve, and the blower motor. Normally, furnaces that have a higher performance will also have a higher price.

1. Efficiency is a big factor that separates low-end furnaces from high-end furnaces. Gas furnace efficiencies are measured in  AFUE percentage. AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. 80% AFUE means that 80% of the gas being inputted into the furnace is being used to heat the home, while 20% is considered waste.

Efficiencies vary from anywhere from 80% to 98%. When purchasing a new heating system keep in mind that higher efficiency furnaces will usually cost more than lower efficiency furnaces. However, higher efficiency also means lower energy bills and ultimately more savings.

2. Gas valves are another main feature that will affect furnace pricing and performance. The gas valve is the component that releases the gas to the furnace ignitor. The gas valve determines the amount of gas that will be burned and ultimately the amount of heat that will be generated.

There are three major types of gas valves:


  • Can allow capacity adjustments as small as 1%.
  • Allows the furnace to maintain temperatures within a .5 degree range.
  • Provides ultimate precision comfort.


  • Two-stage gas valves allow for two different output levels.
  • Provide a intermediate level of performance.
  • May cause inside temperature levels to fluctuate at around four of degrees.


  • Traditional gas valve technology.
  • Allow the gas to come on and off.
  • Can create a larger range of temperature inconsistencies of around eight degrees.

Modulating gas valves will allow for precision comfort and ultimate performance but come at a higher price. Two-stage valves will give intermediate levels of performance with a mid-level price range. Single-stage valve models are your economy friendly model that can create a wide range of temperature changes.

3. Blower motors are the final feature that will influence furnace pricing and performance. The blower motor is what moves the air throughout the home. There are three main kinds of blower motors. The high performance motors will have a higher price but will be more energy efficient.

Variable Speed

  • Top of the line blower motor.
  • Energy efficient.
  • High performance
  • Higher price

ECM Motor

  • Middle line blower motor.
  • Power saver technology.
  • Mid level performance.
  • Mid level price.

Direct Drive

  • Standard blower motor.
  • Not energy efficient.
  • Lower end performance.
  • Lower level price.

Heating Systems in Hutchinson & McPherson, KS and Surrounding Area

TimeSaver Home Services sells multiple furnace brands with their own advantages and benefits. When comparing heating systems we will take the time to understand your needs and recommend a furnace solution that best meets your needs.

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