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no dig trenchless sewer repair

TimeSaver Home Services is the locally owned plumbing company providing Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement. This no dig sewer service is state-of-the art technology that provides complete sewer replacement without destroying your yard.

What is No Dig Sewer Line Replacement?

You no longer have to worry about a sewer problem resulting in your yard or garden getting dug up. Trenchless sewer work is the modern solution to replacing a damaged or deteriorated sewer line without causing harm to your property. It is a type of subsurface work that requires digging few or no trenches.

This high-tech sewer service is relatively new. In fact, the North American Society for Trenchless Technology was established just back in 1990. Most plumbing contractors or companies do not have the technology needed for this no-dig service. Very few plumbing companies in Reno County or surrounding communities offer this type of sewer service.

If you are planning to have a company dig up your yard for sewer repair, call TimeSaver Home Service. We’ll give you a FREE 2nd opinion to handle your sewer work without causing large property damage.


How Can You Fix an Underground Sewer Line Without Digging?

With this no-dig technology, we are basically creating a new pipe inside the old one line. Our TimeSaver plumbers start by inserting a lining material into an access point at one end of the sewer line. This material will be pulled through the entire line, coating the interior of the existing pipe.

After being put into the place, this pipe lining material hardens. You are now left with a sturdy, new seamless pipe inside your old sewer line.

How is it Different?

In the past, the only way to replace an old pipe was to dig up the sewer line and replace it. With new no-dig technology, TimeSaver Home Services can easily fix a variety of problems that happen with old pipes, including:

  • Restore cracked pipes
  • Eliminate root intrusion
  • Seal open joints
  • Close holes
  • Bridge missing pipe

This process is much less intrusive than traditional re-piping methods. Repairs are permanent and conform to industry standards.

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When Do You Need No-Dig Sewer Replacement?

There is no wrong time to opt for no-dig sewer line work. Because of how smoothly the technology works, it is often quicker and less expensive than traditional sewer line work. But there are particular times when a homeowner will especially benefit from no-dig sewer work.

This no-dig sewer replacement work is ideal for these sorts of situations:

  • Damaged pipes that run under landscaping or underneath your house or other structure
  • Burst sewer pipes due to tree roots
  • Broken and cracked water pipes due to earth movement or house settling
  • Pipe damage from repeated ground freezing and thawing


TimeSaver Sewer Repair

Save time, save money, and save your lawn. Call TimeSaver Home Services today to schedule your trenchless sewer service. We can provide this no dig trenchless repair to fix your home's sewer issues.

TimeSaver Home Services provides full plumbing services to central Kansas. Located in Hutchinson, KS, we provide service to all of Reno County and surrounding communities. We can provide sewer line repairs and pipe repairs to towns including McPherson, Buhler, Nickerson, Haven and Inman.

Call TimeSaver Home Services today at (620) 669-9885.

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