The Right AC Size for a Small House

Air Conditioning Installation in Small Hutchinson North Home

what is the right ac size for a small hutchinson home?

If your AC isn’t keeping your entire house sufficiently cool, does that mean you need a larger AC? Not necessarily? It’s a common misconception that when it comes to air conditioner size, bigger is better. In fact, the right AC for a small house is a unit that is SIZED correctly for your home.

TimeSaver Home Services provides professional AC installation and repair services to the Hutchinson area, including to surrounding communities. Whenever we are called upon to a replace a home’s AC system, our team of expert air conditioning installers go through a specific process to determine exactly which AC unit is best for each individual home. And that’s precisely what we did for some TimeSaver customers who live in a smaller home in the Hutchinson North neighborhood.

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Living Well in The Hutchinson North Neighborhood

The Hutchinson North community is one of the most highly desired places to live in our area. It’s rare for homes to go up for sale in this neighborhood, so homebuyers aren’t just quick to snatch up a great home here in Hutchinson North, but they also tend to stay for a long time!

Maria and Gareth called on TimeSaver Home Services in the summer of 2022 when they discovered that it was time to replace their aging cooling system in their cozy midcentury home.

Living in a community just off Monroe St., Maria and Gareth enjoy the quiet suburb living nestled in a residential community surrounded by several churches and schools. Plus, they’re within easy walking distance of the Kansas State Fairgrounds!

Some of the Many Features of Hutchinson North

Hutchinson North – Cooling Mid-century Homes

Finding the right AC size involves many factors. First, it is important to know what is important to the homeowners. This could be regarding a budget and keeping under a particular price. Perhaps they are interested in saving energy (and lowering their utility bills) by having a very high efficiency system. And for some, the loudness of an AC unit is an important factor.

Along with addressing those priorities for the homeowner, there are other foundational factors that help find out what AC to use for any given house. The size of a home is a major component. The square footage of a home is one of the primary factors used in HVAC industry standard calculations to determine which AC to install.

A home like this one in Hutchinson North that comes in under 1000 square feet would need a much different unit than an AC required for a 2000 square foot home or larger.

How a Large AC Can Cause Problems for A Small House

An air conditioner meant to cool a large home will create problems if installed in too small of a house.

Short Cycling: One of the problems that can arise is something called short cycling. Short cycling is when a unit turns on and off again too frequently. A too-large AC unit will cool a small home very quickly, causing it to turn off shortly after starting. This constant on and off of cooling will wear down the home’s HVAC system and can cause parts to wear down or need repair.

Increased Humidity: An air conditioning system is helping make your air more comfortable by removing humidity. It does this over time while it is running. But a unit that is too large for a space will cool the air fast and therefore will shut down quickly. That doesn’t give your HVAC system enough time to remove sufficient amount of moisture from your air.

Unnecessarily High Utility Bills: The constant on and off of an AC unit that is too large for a home will mean more energy than necessary is being used to cool your home. And that is something you will likely see with higher monthly energy bills.

Other AC Sizing Factors

The size of your home is another prime factor in determining which air conditioning unit will be best.

  • The level of home insulation
  • Number of people living in the home
  • Ceiling height
  • Number of windows and doors

What Size of AC Does a Home Need?

Did you know that the part of country you live in makes a big impact on what size of an air conditioner you need?  

Whether you are getting cooling installed in new construction or replacing an existing system like Maria and Gareth, finding exactly the right cooling system for a home depends on several factors.

climate zone map for determining right ac size for small house

Here in Hutchinson, and throughout most of Kansas, we are in Zone 3. This means we need larger cooling systems than our neighbors to the north. Compare that to Oklahoma and other states to our south where the same size of homes requires larger AC units to effectively keep homes cool.

Hutchinson AC SEER Requirements – 2023 Update!

Energy efficiency also needs to be considered. Up until this year, environmental regulations on cooling system installation required that all new air conditioners installed in Hutchinson, KS needed to at least have an efficiency rating of SEER 13. However, starting in 2023, that requirement has raised to SEER 14.

It isn’t just Hutchinson facing this increased efficiency requirement. All areas in America also in Zone 3 have to meet this new EPA guideline. The SEER rating requirement was raised in other states as well, with some southern states now having to install ACs with at least a SEER 15 rating.

But the truth is, this really doesn’t matter. Even without governmental regulations directing what minimum efficiency is required for homeowners, most people would be getting air conditioning units above 14 anyway. The HVAC industry has really advanced cooling technology and has been making remarkably efficient air conditioners with high SEER ratings for many years. These higher SEER-rated AC units provide consistent cooling using less energy. That means lower energy bills. ACs with a higher SEER rating make a lot of sense for homeowners.

Have questions about your air conditioner’s SEER rating or wondering about what it would cost to upgrade your cooling system? Give TimeSaver Home Services a call at 620-669-9885 to learn more or you can contact us online for a free quote on a new AC.

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Hutchinson North AC Installation & Service

Whether you live in the Hutchinson North neighborhood or elsewhere in Reno County, Harvey County or surrounding towns, call on TimeSaver Home Services for your home’s AC service.

We are a locally owned company who your friends and neighbors have relied upon for professional residential cooling work for decades. With a team of experienced, licensed HVAC technicians, you can rest assured you will receive only high-quality professional service – from a team that won’t get your carpets dirty!

Call TimeSaver Home Services for the AC service you need today. We provide free installation quotes on new furnaces and air conditioners. Call us today at 620-669-9885 or request service by sending us a message online.

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